Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Wish me luck

2 days left before heading to the theater..

and how i wish for it to be an opera one, instead of an operation one

this time it will be just between me.. and my Creator

with the help of the surgeon of coz

Wish me luck..

Gunners Mode: Spiralling Down ?

Arsenal is in a very sad state right now.

I was looking forward for spuds thrashing on our derby match. But nooo.... What we got, is a freakin defensive mess. 2 goal advantage crushed in 2 minutes. That was just sick.

And the game against Stoke, everyone was a let down. Yes. EVERYONE!!!! RVP included!!! Why la must u do that bro.. Damn..

And to think about our next league opponent, Man Utd!?? God.. save my face please..

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

How I Met Your Mother Kids..

Im currently watching the 1st season of "How I Met Your Mother". Copied from my lil bro's portable HD. The show is so addictively funny!

How I Met Your Mother will now rank 2nd of my most favourite sitcom of all times, fighting stiff competitions with the first, "Two and a half Men". Reaching 4th seasons, prolly How I met your mother will earn that number one sweet spot.

Of all the five main characters, Barney Stintson played by Neil Patrick Harris (ex-Doogie Howser MD) is the most funniest. Barney is a cocky & confident womanizer, lives by his "Bro Code" rules, and always wears a suit. He claims himself to be the bestfriend of Ted Mosby (the main character) although Ted often disagrees with him on this one.

He's favourite tagline is "Suit up!" where he tells Ted to dress smartly like him. He's trying very hard to show everyone his 'Awesome-ness' in a cocky & funny kind of way, but always end up getting in trouble for his "Legen ~ wait fot it.. DARY" scheme on helping Ted to find the love of his life.

I just love the show. Even Friends cant tickle my funny bones like this one. Cant wait to get back home and continue. Cheerios..

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Gunners Mode: Adakah Gallas punca ?

We have gone through 2 tough games without Gallas. And both games we emerge victorius!

One is the league game against Everton (3-1) and the other was an away game against Fenerbache (5-2). Great scoreline. But if were talking about the goals conceded, itu cerita lain la pulak kan. But at the end of the day, the result is all that matters.

Since Gallas was out due to hamstring problem, Silvestre debuted as central defence pairing with Toure.

cop cop.. tweet...

Any of u guys still feel awkward watching fish face Silvestre in the red & white? I still do. Rasa cam pelik jer..

ok, continue..

My personal opinion is, I could feel the good vibe with the team when Silvestre plays. Feeling yg mcm confident & yakin je kita boleh menang at all cost, so just relax and wait. Maybe its just the fact that Gallas is not playing, and maybe if we put another defender instead of Silvestre in Gallas position, we might even get the same results. Or maybe even better. Who knows rite.

My point is, the game results just prove my gut instincts right in some way. Gallas is indeed the black sheep, the culprit, or bak kata pepatah melayu lama ketika hang tuah memaki hang jebat.. "punca siot Gallas ni!!". And the fact that he's our captain just make things worst.

Aku nak cerita kat korang pasal idea conspiracy theory aku.. (ok i know its only my own pure imagination jer.. but.. lantak lah..).

There's a reason why Wenger bought Silvestre, apart from the 'we need experience player' bit. The special reason is.. to oust Gallas. Right now, Gallas can be considered as a big influence in the team, and somehow a bad one. He is the loudmouth captain. Any of you guys remembered how he trash talk Wenger during pre-season 2006? Right before he was appointed team captain? he suxx..

Maksud aku bukannye Silvestre akan ganti Gallas terus. Maybe Wenger have another younger & better candidate to fill in the central defence, but its hard to just drop Gallas straight away. Kalau tak for sure dia 'baling dia punya tantrum sekeliling'. That'll effect the team morale, and the performance to follow.

BUT.. if Wenger substitute someone with the same experience as Gallas, someone who had also achieved quite a number of trophies (or even more), someone cool headed and also 30-ish of age, Gallas will just have to agree with Wengers decision without much to say.

So.. maybe Silvestre will continue to play for quite some time until Gallas give up, and just left. Bila Gallas dah takde, boleh la kita axe terus Silvestre, get another younger & better defender, and start to rule over the world !! Mbuahahahahaha..!!! (sorry.. psycho lebih plak mcm pinky and the brain).

Ntah.. kalau korang boleh dapat some common sense in my conspiracy theory idea, bagus lah. Kalau tak, er.. lagi bagus, hahahaha.

P/s: In the news today: Eduardo set to return in 3 weeks time? Schweet...

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Watch over you

This song is played constantly in my life. I can just relate so well to it. Not just for me, but for a certain someone out there as well..

~Watch Over You~

Leaves are on the ground
Fall has come
Blue skies turning grey
Like my love

I tried to carry you
And make you whole
But it was never enough
I must go

Who is gonna save you when I'm gone?
And who'll watch over you
When I'm gone?

You say you care for me
But hide it well
How can you love someone
And not yourself?

And when I'm gone
Who will break your fall?
Who will you blame?
I can't go on
And let you lose it all

It's more than I can take
Who'll ease your pain?
Ease your pain

And Love is gonna save you when I'm gone
And I'll watch over you
And I will give you strength when you're not strong

Who'll watch over you
When I've gone away?

Snow is on the ground
Winters come
You long to hear my voice
But I'm long gone

Monday, October 20, 2008


Finally rock music is back!

Being a fan of Creed, I personally thought that the guys would finally loose it in post-Scott Stapp era. But the introduction of Myles Kennedy brings the group (now known as Alter Bridge) to an entirely new level, far better than Creed.

Myles Kennedy was one of a rare breed 4-octave range rock singers in this era who can beat the crap out of the old drunkard Stapp's baritone voice. Not only he can sing, he's also good with instruments (owh, he was a guitar instructor just before his Mayfield Four era). Combining his dynamics with the Grammy award winning guitarist Mark Tremonti's skills(shred or no-shred), they create magical song wonders with their creativity.

Enter "Blackbird", their 2nd album to date, released about a year ago.

One particular song that stands out from the rest is the title track, Blackbird. I was totally mesmerized by this song. A long good 8 minutes music arrangement, life reflecting lyrics, killer solos, everything falls perfectly into place. Its one of those magic songs, kinda like Led Zep's 'Stairway to Heaven', or Guns n Roses 'November Rain'. Although underrated, for me Blackbird remains as one of the top notch legacy songs ever written & produced.

I consider it a masterpiece art.

Checkout this album. Mark's guitar work and Myles' singing will leave you guys stunned.


The willow it weeps today
A breeze from a distance
Is calling your name
Unfurl your black wings and wait
Across the horizons coming to sweep you away
Its coming to sweep you away

The fragile can not endure
The wrecked and the and jaded a place so impure
The static of this cruel world
Cause some birds to fly long before they've seen their day
long before they've seen their day

Let the wind carry you home
Blackbird fly away
Beyond the suffering you’ve known
I hope you find your way
May you never be broken again

Ascend may you find no resistance
Know that you've made such a difference
All you leave behind will live to the end
The cycle of suffering goes on
But the memories of you stay strong
Someday I too will fly and find you again

Thursday, October 16, 2008

The ties that bind

Ive teared on the leash that keeps me contained and controlled

let me go, I want to break free

and fight my way out of this hole

One last hope to rise and break away

above the fading line.

This I know..

the risk is worth the gain, it's worth the sacrifice

Way beyond the ties that bind

Amen to that.